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nba live – Shaquille O’Neal’s New Look Has NBA Fans “Weak”: “I Don’t Know What’s Worse, Shaq’s Hairline or His Free Throw Shooting”

The NBA on TNT Tuesday Nights was back on-air with its third season. Hosted by Adam Lefkoe, this season continued to feature Shaquille O’Neal and Candace Parker as analysts on the show. However, this show did see a new face as ex-NBA Star Jamal Crawford replaced three-time champion, Dwyane Wade. The return of this show meant an added layer of fun and deep insight for fans before the basketball madness ensues. With that said, the entertainment part of the show started the minute the camera got rolling.

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Before Crawford was welcomed on air, Adam Lefkoe introduced Shaq and Parker to the audience. However, Shaq helped him through this. The Big Diesel quickly whispered something to Lefkoe, following which Lefkoe said, “A four-time champion, Steven A. Shaq”. While Shaq greeted the studio, the camera focused on his hairline.

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NBA Fans left in splits thanks to Shaquille O’Neal

What looked like a receding hairline was compared to NBA analyst Steven A. Smith’s hairstyle. Hence, Shaquille O’Neal wanted to be introduced as Steven A. Shaq. As the studio broke into a fit of laughter, Parker pointed out that the hairline looked crooked. While they analyzed the crookedness of his hairline, the Hall of Famer threatened to harm his barber and laughed uncontrollably.

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Fans were quick to react to Shaq’s latest shenanigans. They were left in a fit of laughter and expressed their reaction on social media. Some stated that O’Neal looked great with his hairdo but many also criticized his hairline. However, the criticism was all in good humor. The fans predicted Steven A Smith’s reaction and claimed that he had 24 hours to respond to Shaq’s mischief.

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On the same day as the Tuesday Night show aired, the Big Aristotle made a cameo on the NBA GameTime Live. Once again he was introduced as Steven A. Shaq and as he walked through the studio, he asked the studio not to laugh at his haircut.

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While the studio was left in shambles, Shaq quickly requested the camera to focus on his haircut once again. He said, “Zoom in. Zoom in. That boy looking good. That boy looking good, ain’t he?” The 2000 MVP had tears in his eyes with all the laughter.

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